To Dive

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure and share a new perspective of the underwater world.


UKU360º is a series of immersive experiences that explore our intrinsic human relationship to the ocean and it’s inhabitants.

As humans we have a deep subconscious connection to the ocean. Although it is a place we cannot breath it is a place the many of us are drawn to for different reasons. UKU360º is a passage of transformation for our viewers to experience the stories that lay below the surface. Freedivers and underwater artists that interact with animals, Pacific Island communities which believe the whales to be the ocean gods, surfers who harness its power, and scientist who strive to protect it. Uku360º looks beyond the social roles and definitions assigned to these people to explore their raw metaphysical connection to the ocean, and how the awe of the sea is a common link that binds us all.

Life below the surface exists in many different ways for different people. The ocean does not judge who it possesses. Pick a story and share a new perspective of the underwater world.


To share the connection and bring us all closer to a paradigm that consumes 70% of the planet. UKU360º creates an overarching message of ocean connection, cultural and spiritual diversity and conservation.



  • Cassie De Colling
    Cassie De Colling Director

The idea for Uku360° came to me after I had a Skype conversation with Ai in April. We had met a year earlier on a film project in Japan. Originally the discussion was about traveling to Tonga to film Ai with the whales as part of a conservation piece. I remember thinking to myself at the time that it needs to be stronger. How could we make a real impact and get people engaged? Five minutes later my good friend Alec from Augment Reality Experts showed me some of the new content he had on his virtual reality headset and my mind was blown. From then on it has been a non-stop pursuit of learning, analyzing and consuming everything I can about the virtual reality landscape. I am incredibly passionate about what I believe is the new frontier for storytellers, and its ability to transport us beyond our imaginations.

  • JumpgateVR
    JumpgateVR Co-Producers

Founder of Jumpgate, Anton Andreacchio is co-producing Uku360° alongside Cassie. Jumpgate is one of Australia’s top virtual reality companies, specialising in narrative 360° VR content. Jumpgate takes an integrated approach towards productions, seeking projects that flourish through striking a balance between implementing traditional and contemporary technologies. Catering towards the underlying value of a project, rather than the technical, their ever expanding list of clientele so far includes; symphony orchestras, Australia’s top tourist destinations and music events.

The team at Jumpgate will perform a range of roles on the project, acting as a support entity that will underpin and oversee all stages of development and production. Possessing the capacity, resources, pipelines and enthusiasm, Jumpgate brings a wealth of VR knowledge, leadership and expertise to Uku360°.

For more information contact Cassie:
(+61) 413 548 998

All photographs courtesy of Darren Jew