Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure and share a new perspective of the underwater world.


Uku means to dive. Uku360º is a series
of 360VR experiences that explores our intrinsic human relationship to the ocean and it’s inhabitants.

As humans we have a deep subconscious connection to the ocean. Although it is a place we cannot breath, it is a place many of us are drawn to for different reasons.

Ai Futaki, world-champion freediver and underwater artist teaches us to switch off our own minds and connect with some of the world’s most majestic animals. Creating a deeper understanding of our natural world and the creatures which inhabit it.


Uku360° gives audiences the power to be immersed in the underwater world, by creating a tangible and emotive outcome for viewers.

Beyond providing audiences with a sense of agency as they are encapsulated in this 360° VR narrative, we anticipate this to trigger a wave of additional positive outcomes.

Giving people the chance to become part of an adventure so unobtainable within the real world injects opportunity for learning, appreciation and emotional connection to our oceans.


The Uku360° team combines the skills of highly experienced and award winning industry professionals. Their shared passion and love of the underwater world brought them together, but their backgrounds in documentary, narrative filmmaking and VR will carry UKU360° from fruition to completion. 

Having broken not one, but two Guinness World Records, Ai Futaki’s trained diving reflexes guarantees some of the most breathtaking and intimate sea animal interactions possible. Now thanks to our collaboration with virtual reality experts, Jumpgate VR, we have developed a revolutionary way for audiences to join Ai on her adventure, sharing her incredible underwater experience.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, award-winning filmmaker, Cassie De Colling, brings vision and diverse cultural narrative to UKU360° with her background in directing commercial and documentary content from locations such as Kashmir, Japan, UK and Thailand. Additional consultation with global virtual reality leaders, Zero Latency VR, delivers the synergy required between VR and filmmaking to transform UKU360° from concept to reality.



  • JumpgateVR
    JumpgateVR Co-Producers

Founder of Jumpgate, Anton Andreacchio is co-producing Uku360° alongside Cassie. Jumpgate is one of Australia’s top virtual reality companies, specialising in narrative 360° VR content. Jumpgate takes an integrated approach towards productions, seeking projects that flourish through striking a balance between implementing traditional and contemporary technologies. Catering towards the underlying value of a project, rather than the technical, their ever expanding list of clientele so far includes; symphony orchestras, Australia’s top tourist destinations and music events.

The team at Jumpgate will perform a range of roles on the project, acting as a support entity that will underpin and oversee all stages of development and production. Possessing the capacity, resources, pipelines and enthusiasm, Jumpgate brings a wealth of VR knowledge, leadership and expertise to Uku360°.


  • Cassie De Colling
    Cassie De Colling Director / Producer

Cassie’s career began in filming extreme snowboarding and skiing in the mountains across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Kashmir and the USA. Her love of adventure and passion for the outdoors and wildlife filmmaking led her to chasing dolphins and orcas for the BBC Natural World Series, this where she started to learn the craft of documentary and storytelling. Passionate about the environment and cultural diversity she strongly believes that filmmaking is a way to tell stories with people rather than about them. Cassie’s style tends to lend itself to a natural mix of cinematic creativity and real life documentary. Amongst her achievements Cassie was recently nominated for ‘best commercial director’ at the Australian Directors Guild awards in 2017. Her project Uku360º has just been awarded development funding through the Screen Australia and Film Victoria , in collaboration with the expert team from Jumpgate VR. Cassie hopes to be a female pioneer in this cutting edge field of storytelling.

  • Ai Futaki
    Ai Futaki Talent

Ai’s life with the water began when she was three. 
After studying film and documentaries in California and Cuba, 
she discovered scuba diving. In 2007, 
finally introduced to apnea free-diving. 
At last final piece of the puzzle fell in place! Ai believes 

she I am part of the water, as one with the water. 
By using breath-hold diving as a tool to become the bridge 
between the underwater world and the human world.
 Ai shares the harmony, beauty and symbiosis with the water. Ai holds a Guinness World Record for freediving has worked with on underwater projects with Issey Miyaki, NHK Japan and Discovery Channel.

For more information contact Cassie:
(+61) 413 548 998

All photographs courtesy of Darren Jew